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Our Chef

Maria Petridis is not a chef in the traditional norms of the title. She didn't go to a fancy culinary school. She wasn't taught but the executives & professors. No; she is a chef that grew, nurtured & perfected her talent in the kitchen through experience.

She grew up in a small village named Skoutari in Serres, Greece. Looking over her mother's shoulder every chance she got, so that she could learn all the little secrets of the Mediterranean kitchen. Over the years she grew to love cooking more & more. After moving to New York to pursue the American dream she started her family; her toughest critics in the kitchen were always her 3 children. They pushed her to modernize and put a twist on the cuisine she knew best. That is exactly what she did. Always playing with recipes and ingredients to turn everyday Greek dishes into re-imagined masterpieces. 

After 20 years of trials and tribulations, hand in hand with her husband, Kiriakos Petridis they opened Maria's Mediterranean on Bell. The culmination of all efforts came the day the producers of Food Network's CHOPPED called to invite her onto the show. Low & behold she WON!


Everyday is an adventure for your mouth at Maria's when you try one of her new specials or one of the tried and true staples on the menu. 



Our Food

On January 10th, 2011 we opened our doors in Bayside with one goal; to bring fresh and delicious food to the area.


At Maria's Mediterranean we specialize in homestyle Greek dishes,. We pride ourselves in using the freshest ingredients.  Our executive Chef Maria Petridis brings to life the tried and true recipes she learned in her small village in the province of Serres, Greece; with a modern twist.


Our sellection of Fresh whole grilled fish is also one of the staples of Maria's Mediterranean. Whether your in the mood for a Greek Orata (dorado) or a wild caught Pink Sea Bream for New Zealand; we have it all.

Always wanting everyone to be able to enjoy a meal with family and friends was our driving force to ensure those who are Gluten-free could have a vast variety of dishes to choose from.


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