Cabernet Sauvignon Domaine Bousquet 10/40

Organic, fresh & clean with berry aromas and flavors. Medium body.

Mendoza, Argentina

Merlot Domaine Bousquet 10/40

Organic, red fruit & spicy aromas. medium body with ripe fruit & velvety tannins.

Mendoza, Argentina

Malbec Domaine Bousquet 10/40

Organic, mushrooms, figs, and berry aromas. Medium body and round velvety tannins.

Mendoza, Argentina

Pinot Noir Le Grand 10/40

Unique French pedigree. spiced cherry flavor & aromas. Versatility allows it to pair beautifully with fish.

Limoux, southern France

Syrah “the black sheep” Nico Lazaridi 10/40

Intense aromas or mature red fruits, plum & hints of pepper. Velvet mouth with soft tannins and an aromatic, fruity aftertaste.

Pangeon, Greece

Merlot “Elias” Estate Andriopoulos 30

Soft, fruity & smooth wine with plum undertones.

Produced & bottled in Long Island

Merlot Hatzimichalis 70

Vibrant deep red color with mocha & vanilla aromas. Medium body.

Regional wine of Atlanti Valley, Greece

Chianti 40

Aged 12 months in oak barrels. Intense lingering aroma & dry velvety flavor.

Product of Italy

Pinot Noir Papaioannou 60

Matured in oak casks for 12 months. Dry, notable earth driven layers. Aromas of cedar, strawberry & cherry. Luscious & savory finish.

Xerocambos private vineyards, Greece

Refosco Domaine Merkouri 50

Perfumes of red fruits, hints of chocolate & coffee, in harmony with the vanilla & cinnamon from the wood. Medium structured body & full but fine tannins.

Letrini, Peloponese region, Greece

Cabernet Sauvignon Hatzimichalis 45

Domaine Costa Lazaridi. Medium/Dark cherry red gives way to sweeter blackberry & blackcurrant fruit. Long savory finish.

Drama, Greece

Cabernet franc “Cava” Amethystos 90

Domaine Costa Lazaridi. Medium/Dark cherry red gives way to sweeter blackberry & blackcurrant fruit. Long savory finish.

Drama, Greece

Cabernet Sauvignon “Kapnias” Hatzimichalis 65

Matured 24 months in new French oak barrels. Varietal expression of ripe blackcurrants & dark berries along with a hint of vanilla.

Atlanti Valley, Greece

Cabernet Sauvignon/Agiorgtiko/Merlot 45

“Amethystos Rouge” Costa Lazaridi

Well structured bouquet, combining aromas or red forest fruit, cherry jam & spices on a discreet oak background. Warm & Full. Long Finish.

Drama, Greece

Cabernet Sauvignon/Agioritiko “Oenotria Land” 75

Domaine Costa Lazaridi. Concentrated multilayered presence, dominated by aromas of black fruit, vanilla, chocolate & spices. Well structured. Long spiced finish.

Drama, Greece

Agioritiko “Feast” Semeli Winery 30

Cherry & Blueberry aromas. Well balanced Acidity. Light Body.

Chrisohou, Naossa, Greece


Pinot Grigio 9/25

Light, crisp & dry. Lime and pear notes, with well-balanced acidity.

Product of Italy

Rhoditis Kouros 9/32

Floral nose. Dry with waves of orange, lemon and kiwi. Medium body & light finish.

Patra, Greece

Riesling Starling Castle 9/32

Semi-sweet, fresh with a touch of citrus and pear with fruity mid palate and crisp acidity on an elegant finish.

Mosel, Germany

Chardonnay Le Grand 10/40

Intense aromas of lime and mango with hints of toasted vanilla. Rich palate of lemon-lime and subtle oak influences. Long Finish.

Languedoc-Roussillon, France

Pinot Noir Rose Maison Nicolas 9/36

Herbal & ripely fruity all at once. Scents of sweet pea & carnation combined with tones of plum and cherry. Medium palate. Short Finish.

Protegee, France

Sauvignon Blanc Overstone 9/36

Aromatic nose. Crisp, dry wine with plenty of zesty gooseberry. Rounded balanced finish.

Malborough, New Zealand

Chardonnay Hatzimichalis 46

Fresh, crisp with subtle oak nuances. Blend of citrus notes, white peach, tropical fruit along with the subtle scent of honey and vanilla. Smooth with rich taste, silky texture and long finish.

Atlanti Valley, Greece

Chardonnay Elias 30

A cool climate, buttery Chardonnay with medium body & citrus flavors.

Produced & bottled in Long Island

Pinot Grigio Santa Margherita 65

Clean & crisp, intense aroma and bone-dry taste with an appealing flavor of Golden Delicious apples.

Alto Adige, Italy

Pinot Grigio San Angelo 49

Fresh bouquet with notes of pear, peach, anise and honey. Fruity and crisp, very refreshing

Tuscany, Italy

Sauvignon Blanc “Magic Mountain” Nico Lazaridi 80

Beautiful medium strength nose has white peach, mirabel, jasmin, lilly, butter and a well-balanced citrus tone from unripe mandarine. Medium Body & Long Finish. Very small select yield.

Drama, Greece

Malagouzia Domaine Costa Lazaridi 50

Intense aroma of white flowers, peach & apricot. Round and full, with refreshing acidity. Long finish. Single vineyard & low yield.

Drama, Macedonia, Greece

Moschofilero“Feast” Semeli Winery 40

Elegant aromas of rose petals, lemon blossom and citrus. Fruity driven, Balanced with medium acidity and subtle short finish.

Chrisohou, Naossa, Greece

Assyrtiko 55

Greek wine grape variety Indigenous to the island of Santorini; widely planted in the arid volcanic-ash-rich soil. Abundant minerality, exuberant palate with crisp acidity. Long finish.

Santorini, Greece

Prosecco 12/36

Aromas of fresh pear and pineapple lead into bright citrus flavors balanced by a hint of creaminess and a touch of sparkle. Grapes are harvested by hand in small lots.

Product of Italy

White Zifendal 10

 Floral and tropical aromas. Flavors of strawberry, peach and raspberry with a touch of sweetness.

Product of California

Moscato 12

Delicately sweet with a basis of fresh fruit flavors of peach, pear, and apricot balanced with gentle notes of white petals and sage. The finish is balanced and well rounded.

Product of Italy

House Red & White 11/20

Sangria Red & White 25

Weekly House Cocktails:



$5 glass/ $15 Carafe

Signature Cocktails


Sour Cherry Syrup, Vodka, Soda



Rakomelo & Organic Lemonade


Ouzo, Blue Caracua, Organic Lemonade



Malibu, Coconut Rum, Vodka, Pineapple Juice



Mint. Watermelon Liqueur, Rum



Mastixa, Mint, Lime


Grey Goose

Kettle One



Stoli Vanilla & Orange


Bombay Sapphire


Grace Gin

Jose Cuervo: Silver & Gold

Patron Silver


Don Julio

 The Macallan: 15 year, 

Double Cask & 12 year

Chivas Regal

Johnnie Walker: Black,

Green & Red

Glen Levit

Dewars: 15 year, 12 year &

White Label

Jack Daniels

Knob Creek

Bulliet Bourbon

Maker's Mark



Seagrams 7 Crown

Metaxa 7 Star

Disaronno Amaretto

Remy Martin

Courvoisier Cognac 

Bacardi: Silver & Gold

Sailor Jerry's Spiced

Greek Spirits

Sambuca: White & Black

CiVidina Grappa



Idoniko 7/19

Katsaros Family 8

Tsilili Muscat 30

Tsilili Family 22

Agioneri (Meteora) 12

Aged 1 year in Oak Barrel

Methexis Cigar 16

Aged 10 years in smoked aged Barrel


Plomari 6/16

Kazanisto 7/18


Tsikoudia Haraki (Cretan) 8

Kretaraki (Cretan) 8

Rakomelo (Cretan) 8

Zavania (Cyprus) 9

Masticha (Chios) 6/10

Metaxa 7 Star 7/12